The #NBW3 Asset Map

To kick off The Ward 3 Project, organizers Beth Santos-Fauteux and Steven Froias are inviting all of #NBW3 – New Bedford’s Ward 3 residents – to contribute to an area Asset Map.

What’s an “Asset Map?” It’s everything good in our slice of New Bedford. It’s all that’s useful, necessary, needed and valued in the neighborhoods that make up Ward 3. It’s what helps define #NBW3.

The fact that you can make copies at Quick Chek at Sawyer and Mt. Pleasant Streets is an asset. Finding a laundromat with great dryers is a neighborhood asset. Having a post office box outside of Station 7 at Durfee Street is an asset – and so is the station itself!

All-you-can-bowl for $10 Saturday mornings at Wonder Bowl is an asset. 2 large cheese pizzas for $20 at Rua’ s West End Pizzeria makes the list, for sure.

The GROW Education community gardens (pictured above) at Carlos Pacheco School are an asset. And Haskell Public Gardens – open to the public 7 days a week from dawn to dusk off Shawmut Avenue –  is an asset not just for ward 3, but the entire City of New Bedford. Think schools, churches and social groups, too 

Now, it’s your turn. Tell us what you like in #NBW3. Comment on this Facebook post or in the comments section below. Or, email us at

Feel free to attach pictures. And, use the hashtag #NBW3 and help build an online community on all your social media platforms.

When we’re done getting everybody’s input, we’ll create the #NBW3 Asset Map and share it with everyone. That will take a few forms – blog posts on NewBedfordNow, for sure. A series of Facebook posts, too. And, an actual map that we’ll design and distribute when the time is right.

The time is right now for you to participate, though! Share with us, your friends and family, neighbors and fellow #NBW3 residents what makes living in our community special to you – because when it gets right down to it…

You’re the best #NBW3 asset of all.


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