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The LOVE THE AVE & NORTH END RESTAURANT WEEK happens from Saturday, Sept. 15 through Friday, Sept. 21, 2018 – an opportunity to patronize the delicious small businesses north of Coggeshall Street that lend flavor to the city.

No reservations are required. Simply pick your restaurant(s), pull up a chair, grab a fork and come hungry. It’s a week of special menu items, signature dishes and hot deals at places like The Roasted Pig, pictured above.

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, check out these eateries throughout the week and place them on your permanent menu!

Featured eateries are listed below along with their Signature Dishes and Restaurant Week Specials (where available). Click on any name to learn more about the eatery or to find their websites with full menus. 

All Acushnet Avenue eateries can be found here, and all North End eateries can be found here.


Signature dishes: Steakbomb Omelet / Seafood Platter

Restaurant Week Special: $5 small fish & chips


Signature Dish: Steak A Portuguese style

Restaurant Week special: Baked Stuffed Shrimp, Carne a Alentejana and more…


Signature Dish: Clamboil

Restaurant Week Special: $1.00 off any entree $8.99 or more and $3.00 Cacoila sandwiches ($4.99 – regular price)


Signature Dish: Filet Mignon Portuguese Tips

Restaurant Week special: Azorean Chicken and Shrimp


Signature Dish: Girassol Steak

Restaurant Week special dish: Pork Meat Alentejana and Fish Fillets (Narciso style)


Signature Dish: Octopus

Restaurant Week Special: Look for daily specials


Signature Dish: Custard Cup (natas)

Restaurant Week Special: Buy 12 Custard Cups (natas) get 3 free


Signature Dish: New Bedford Seafood Platter

Check them out on Facebook to see some of their amazing deals such as All You Can Eat Fish and Chips, Kids Eat Free, $10 off coupons and a live entertainment schedule!


Signature Dish: Lasagna

Restaurant Week Special: Look for daily specials


Signature Dish: Chicken Mozambique Wrap and Cheese Rolls

Restaurant Week Special: Look for daily specials


Signature Dish: Pasta Especial

Restaurant Week Special: Look for daily specials


Stuffed Quahogs – Mild & Spicy

Restaurant Week Special: Buy a dozen quahogs and receive 5 cents off each Quahog.


Signature Dish: Pan Sobao

Restaurant Week Special: Look for daily specials


Signature Dish(es): Chicken Nachos/chips and Chicken Piccata

Restaurant Week Special: Bifana sandwich – $4.95 with Coors – $6.95


Signature Dish: Tacos Tex Mex

Restaurant Week Special: Enchiladas Potosinas: Three enchiladas with red sauce, guacamole, and french fries, filled with carne asada.


Restaurant Week Special: Look for posted daily lunch and dinner specials while at Mimo’s


Signature Dish: Chicken Mozambique

Restaurant Week Special: Steak Acoreana


Signature Dish: Chourico and Squash Fritters, Carne de Espeto, Fish and Chips

Restaurant Week Special: Look for daily specials


Signature Dish: Paella – An assortment of lobster, scallops, mussels, shrimp, littlenecks, chicken, beef and rice simmered in a saffron broth.

Restaurant Week Special: Look for daily specials.


Signature Dish: Tamales/Chuchitos

Restaurant Week Special: Conchas – Guatemalan sweetbread


Signature Dish: Coney Island Hot Dog

Restaurant Week Special: Coney Island Dogs for $1.75


Signature Dish: Bijous and Azorean Sweet Bread

Restaurant Week Special: House Specials: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays – Pao Centeio (Portuguese Rye Bread) $2.00 Round or Vienna / Wednesdays, Friday, & Sundays – Pao Caseiro (Traditional Rustic White) $2.00 Round or Vienna.

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