Re-Port of New Bedford February 2021

By Steven Froias for the New Bedford Ocean Cluster

NEW BEDFORD, MA – With the departure of New Bedford Port Authority Executive Director Edward Anthes-Washburn for the private sector, the search is on for his replacement. 

The Port of New Bedford ISO…

Interested and qualified applicants can find details about the post here, via the Port of New Bedford. Some background: The New Bedford Port Authority’s primary charge is to support the Port of New Bedford through the implementation of best management practices over port resources and the development of economic growth strategies. 

“To this end, it is the goal of the New Bedford Port Authority to maintain New Bedford’s dominance in fishing, expand existing businesses and capitalize on new opportunities such as offshore wind that will maximize the Port’s potential as an economic engine to create jobs and strengthen Greater New Bedford’s economy.”

Written on the Wind…

Events are moving rapidly on the Offshore Wind Energy front. As previously shared, a new administration has breathed renewed life into the nascent industry. In fact, very soon it will not be termed “nascent” at all – but the new reality. 

This excellent piece from the Yale School of the Environment surveys the new seascape. 

“The fledgling U.S. offshore wind industry is finally poised to become a commercial reality off the northeast and mid-Atlantic coasts within the next five years, thanks to robust commitments to buy its power from seven coastal states, new support from the Biden administration, and billions of dollars in investment by an industry that sees a huge market for electric power in Eastern states.”

National Geographic comes to New Bedford…

National Geographic magazine came to New Bedford – and found a lot to like along the waterfront in a story entitled, “Much of America’s seafood comes through this city. Here’s how it controlled COVID-19.”

While dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic has obviously been a huge challenge, reporter Julia Sklar wrote that, “The fear was that New Bedford might suffer the same superspreading events that ravaged cities linked to meat processing in the Midwest. Strikingly, that fate did not come to pass.

“In the face of a pandemic, this small New England city retraced its history dealing with past outbreaks of communicable diseases, and officials and community members expediently prioritized the science around the novel coronavirus. The response wasn’t perfect, and low-wage workers on the frontlines initially bore the brunt before precautions were adopted. But in many ways, New Bedford is a rare coronavirus success story among the nation’s food processing hubs.”


Houston, we have a problem…

Meanwhile, the misery Texans endured this past month propelled renewable energy, including wind, into the spotlight. Due to a mendacious misinformation agenda by some, the effectiveness of wind energy to meet the moment was called into doubt. 

This piece, “Houston, we have a problem,” from Xodus Group, the world-wide energy consulting form tasked with creating the New Bedford Ocean Cluster among a portfolio of projects, details the true facts in a readable way – and 10 points to the creative headline author!  

More Help Wanted…

Offshore wind will be a hiring bonanza soon – and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, which runs the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal, has some assistance for those who want to participate in this new industry. 

The Clean Energy Internship Program began accepting applications for its summer 2021 session on Feb. 16. (APPLY AT THIS LINK.) 

They write, “During Summer 2021, MassCEC will reserve sixty (60) spots for: companies with an office located in a Gateway City; and/or students who live in Gateway Cities.” New Bedford is classified as a Gateway City in Massachusetts. 

The remaining two hundred and forty (240) spots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to students and employers that register, perform eligibility checks, and otherwise submit all completed materials to MassCEC until programs funds are exhausted or the submission deadline has passed.

Request for information…

Speaking of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the New Bedford Ocean Cluster’s mid-month feature shared the news that the agency “has released a Request for Information (RFI) seeking input related to advancing the utilization of port facilities in the Commonwealth for the emerging offshore wind industry.”

This includes operations and uses for the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal, and in case you missed the full story you can READ IT HERE


As the New Bedford Ocean Cluster goes about its business of assisting industry into pathways to enter the offshore wind energy sector, we’re cognizant that the mission is best pursued…on a full belly! And when you’re operating out of the nation’s #1 Fishing Port by value, that means seafood!.

As we enter the final month of winter, here are some hot spots in the city to grab some good grub – a plate full of Fish & Chip. Go enjoy lunch or dinner. Worry about the calories later. <grin>

Until next month….

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