(More) SRTA into the night!


Regional Transportation Authorities (RTAs) take it on the chin – and take a back seat to the MBTA – when it comes to public transportation funding in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

That’s why it’s especially good news to announce that the Southeastern Regional Transportation Authority (SRTA), operating out of the downtown New Bedford bus terminal, has announced an expansion of night service in the under-served West End and near North End areas of the city.

Today, they shared via Facebook, “Beginning on Monday, March 25, 2019, two routes will have their Weekday schedule extended to offer more trips into to the night. The Fall River Route 5 – Stafford Road* will operate until 8:30 PM; and the New Bedford Route 8 – Mount Pleasant will operate until 8:40 PM.

“The New Bedford Route 8 – Mount Pleasant will continue the current alignment and will continue to operate with 40-minute frequency.

“The schedules for both routes will be posted in the coming days, please continue to check our website for the updated schedule. Please note that times displayed in Google Maps and the Transit App may experience a delayed update.

“This service is being piloted with grant funding provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The pilot is expected to operate for one year, at which point we will evaluate the use of the service to determine whether it will remain as part of regular service offerings.”

Over half of SRTA routes in New Bedford will now offer service past 6PM. With both the 6 Shawmut Ave and 8 Mt Pleasant until now ending at that time, a large swath of the city had no public transportation into the evening.

That changes on Monday, March 25.

Now, about that Sunday service…

*The Fall River Route 5 – Stafford Road will operate an abbreviated alignment beginning with the 6:30 PM Outbound trip. The abbreviated alignment will remain on Stafford Road to Plymouth Avenue and WILL NOT serve Brayton Avenue, Lapham Street, or Warren Street. Service will continue to operate with 30-minute frequency.