Maps & Legends 2016

Maps & Legends 2016

Curator’s Statement by Steven Froias

Haskell Public Gardens is a special place in New Bedford run by the Trustees of Reservations for the public benefit. Commonly called a hidden gem, the six acres off Shawmut Avenue have a unique horticultural history.

They were once home to Haskell Nursery, founded by a legend in the field of horticulture – Allen C. Haskell. Like the very best legends, Haskell’s was largely a self-made one by virtue of his relentless pursuit to realize his vision for this special place. That quest meant that Allen scoured the world for natural wonders to bring back home and turn into one man’s legacy.

“Maps & Legends” reflects the journeys we take without and within ourselves. The artwork reflects the distance we find between what we see and how we feel. In between is a borderland of desire and imagination we fill with legends of our own making.

“Maps & Legends” opens at Haskell Public Gardens, 787 Shawmut Avenue, New Bedford, MA with a free reception beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Fri. July 15, 2016. Wander through the park at your leisure, discover the artwork and meet many of the artists during the evening. A map guiding you through the property will be available at the Visitor’s Center located steps from Shawmut Avenue. The Flour Girls Baking Co. food truck will be on the premises for the event. There is plenty of on-street parking along Shawmut Avenue and a parking lot at the back of the property, accessed via Loftus Street. (Turn right onto Loftus if driving from the north; left if from the south. The lot entrance is your first left from the street.)

MAPS & LEGENDS Artists and their work…

Carolynn Baker
New Bedford Open Studios member/The Ropeworks, New Bedford, MA
Svenska Skärsgård – $400.00
ROME – Not for Sale – Commission
Harboring an Ocean – $1,200.00
August Nocturne – $1,200.00
Archipelago on 3 – $600.00

Ken Bizarro
New Bedford, MA
Custom model maker/wood carving
Model of the Whaling Ship Alice Mandell – $4,000.00
Model of a Steam Fishing Trawler – $2,500.00
Model of the 3-Masted Coasting Schooner Marion F. Sprague – $800.00
Hand Carved Whale Ornament ‘Moby Dick’ – $50. each
Hand Carved Whale Ornament ‘Sperm Whale’ – $30. each

Michelle Borges
‘You Old Bag’ – $500 as a collection/$40 each face

Lori Bradley
New Bedford Open Studios member/Hatch Street Studios, New Bedford, Ma
‘Entrance to Haskell Park’ – $800.00

Alex Buchanan
Tiverton, RI
Hawser rope and wood
‘Sea Crown’ – $800
‘Protection’ – $1,500
‘Josephine’s Carrick’ – $800

Justin Cifello
Invasive honeysuckle, oriental bittersweet, and reclaimed rope.
‘Neighbors- All We’ve Got’ – Available for commission

Tim Ellis Cole
Partner Projects Studio founder, Monument Beach, MA
Mixed media on up-cycled materials, water-based prints on tree-free, hemp paper
‘Atlantic I’
medium: mixed media on panel
$575 (as exhibited for outdoor installation)
$625 (prepared for interior wall hanging)
‘Atlantic II’
medium: mixed media on panel
$575 (as exhibited for outdoor installation)
$625 (prepared for interior wall hanging)
Available for custom mural and site-specific commissions

Steven Froias
New Bedford Open Studios member / founder
Paint on wood & glass, commercial illustration
Cafe Lisboa – $250
La Belle Aurore – $250
Ports of Call – $150

Jacob Ginga
New Bedford Open Studios member/Hatch Street Studios, New Bedford, MA
“The roots of a drifter” – driftwood sculpture – $650
“beauties reach” – drift wood, vintage boxes – $250

Dena Haden
New Bedford Open Studios member / Groundwork! gallery founder Berkley, MA
Thread, Japanese knotweed, kombucha culture
“each knot
forever unraveling
the transparent walls between us”
Installation made from 3 layers
– Japanese knotweed and thread $500
– thread $800
– kombucha and interfacing $400

Huguette Despault May
New Bedford Open Studios member/Hatch Street Studios, New Bedford, MA
Originals: Charcoal and Pastel on Paper (exhibited: digital pigment prints / archival pigment inks on archival paper)
“Globe” $600
“Suspended” $500

Kelly Zélen
New Bedford Open Studios member / Kilburn Mills, New Bedford, MA
Rebar, cement, stainless steel wool, burlap
“In the weeds”
Available for commission

Alison Wells
Owner, Alison Wells Gallery, New Bedford, MA
Acrylic & Paper Collage on board
‘Beyond the Lilies’ -$1,800.00
‘Inner Growth’ – $1,800.00

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