Help keep the Cape Verdean Memorial Vets Hall Evergreen

Like many organizations and facilities, the Cape Verdean Memorial Veterans Hall is struggling to stay afloat and also build for the future during the pandemic. 

They write that, “the Historic Cape Verdean Veterans Memorial Hall has been closed since February 2020 due to Covid 19. We were unable to reopen due to the fact that our kitchen needs a new fire suppression system and we need to update our license in order to open. We need roughly $4,000 to get the kitchen up and running.”

In order to help raise those funds, members are making and selling holiday wreaths this year as a fundraiser. The handmade wreaths are inexpensive at $25.00, but cumulatively could have a big impact on this vital Cape Verdean center in New Bedford at 561 Purchase Street. 

“We are hoping to generate enough to update the kitchen fire suppression system, pay a plumber to connect our new stove, and then update and upgrade our kitchen license,” they explain. If we are able to do so we will be able to partially open and begin generating some income…”

If you would like a wreath for your home or as a gift, please call Verdean Veterans Memorial Foundation President Diane Pina at (508) 951-1827.

You can also mail a donation to the Verdean Veterans Memorial Foundation, 951 Purchase Street, New Bedford MA 02740.