Deadline: New Bedford – A community conversation about the future of local journalism

NEW BEDFORD, MA – The year 2020 promises to be a consequential one. Not just for the nation, with an important presidential election on the calendar, but a significant milestone locally and regionally as well. 

After years of patient rebuilding and planning, the City of New Bedford – and all of South Coast – is poised to tackle the opportunity and challenge of the 21st century. Southeastern Massachusetts is crackling with cultural relevance, social purpose and economic energy.

Yet, as the city and region enters into a critical era which may very well characterize it into the next century, a vacuum exists in our society. 

The important task of providing the context which defines us today through meaningful journalism has largely been left behind. Nationally, the media industry has been in turmoil for well over a decade. Locally, this has meant news coverage which helps us understand the now and navigate the future is disappearing from the landscape. 

Deadline: New Bedford will be a conversation which seeks to fill that void by laying the groundwork for how we communicate with each other going forward. 

On Saturday, January 25, you’re invited to lend your voice to what journalism could look like for New Bedford and South Coast in the years ahead. The discussion aims to mobilize the dynamic forces shaping society today and harness that power to redefine local journalism. 

Facilitating the conversation toward a free and open exchange of ideas will be people steeped in communication and policy. Colleen Dawicki, Steven Froias and Jacob Miller are all devoted to the subject and have pursued professional careers which in one form or another have helped write the first draft of a new history for our city and region. 

Join them and fellow civically-engaged community members to start to fill in the blanks and write a new narrative during the all-important year of 2020.

RSVP here and let’s get started!