#NBW3 People – Lori Bradley

Just at the edge of Ward 3 on Cottage Street resides one of New Bedford’s most prominent artists and educators – Lori Bradley. She is an Adjunct Professor in the Art Department at Bridgewater State University. She’s also an accomplished artist who has shown at galleries throughout the region (and beyond) and even in Ward […]

#NBW3 in today’s newspaper!

#NBW3 – The Ward 3 Project is in today’s The Standard-Times! Reporter Michael Bonner got wind of our project and contacted founders Bethany Santos-Fauteux and Steven Froias to get the scoop. “Getting better acquainted with a neighborhood as well as the people in it is exactly what #NBW3: The Ward 3 Project aims to accomplish,” […]

The #NBW3 Asset Map

To kick off The Ward 3 Project, organizers Beth Santos-Fauteux and Steven Froias are inviting all of #NBW3 – New Bedford’s Ward 3 residents – to contribute to an area Asset Map. What’s an “Asset Map?” It’s everything good in our slice of New Bedford. It’s all that’s useful, necessary, needed and valued in the […]

What is Ward 3?

Answering the question, “What is Ward 3?” is deceptively simple. Ward 3 is a large swath of the City of New Bedford. Its boundaries stretch from the waterfront to the neighboring Town of Dartmouth. But the real answer strikes at the core of what #NBW3: The Ward 3 Project is all about. Ward 3 is […]