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Domesticated_Primate-pageWe caught up with author and publisher Nick LeBlanc shortly after the first New Bedford Bookfest in March, 2016, and here is that online interview in which he discusses writing and his publishing company, Domesticated Primate.

NEW BEDFORD, MA – “It’s important to keep a record of this,” said musician and artist Gregg Harper during “Isn’t It Romantic,” a poetry reading event organized by the New Bedford Book Festival and held at Pier 37 during the May AHA! New Bedford evening in the city.

The night turned into a meditation on the importance and meaning of words – and the necessity to nurture the rich literary leanings of the greater New Bedford area.

Harper was speaking to Joselyn Feliciano, the founder of A Little Magazine – but the encouragement and advice applied to everyone taking part in the dialogue that night.

None more so than Nick LeBlanc, author and now founder of Domesticated Primate publishing. Domesticated Primate is an independent publishing entity run out of New Bedford, MA. Its goal is to share the work of highly creative artists interested in literature and non-fiction across all genres in both e-book and physical formats.

Domesticated Primate has, naturally, published Nick’s work – which he brought to the March New Bedford Book Festival and plans to bring to the Fall bookfest at Groundwork! this October.

But now, Dometsicated Primate is seeking submissions of all kind from area authors.

We caught up with LeBlanc to get some insight into this mighty endeavor to not only keep a record of the words but create a publishing platform that lives and breathes and grows into the future. The Q & A below is followed by some DP FAQs, so be sure to scroll down the entire page.

NBN: What made you decide to launch Domesticated Primate?
NICK: In 2014 I wrote and published my first book, a collection of stream-of-consciousness inspired poetry. A novella and a collection of lectures, short stories, and poetry quickly followed in 2015. After getting involved with local zines like A Little Magazine and working with local artists to finish my books, I started to see a group forming of individuals interested in reading and writing. Recognizing this, I thought it would be a clever idea to create some means of aggregating the interested parties and get everyone working with one another. So far, so good!

NBN: Does Domesticated Primate seek out a certain style of writing?
NICK: At the moment, we aren’t searching for one particular style. Being such a small operation and not constrained by any cost-meeting measures, we’re able to work with and print all different types of literature, from fiction to non-fiction essays to poetry and whatever else you may imagine.

One thing we are not looking for currently is poetry. Having already published two poetry collections, and with one collection and a 100-page epic on the way, we are primarily looking for non-fiction and longer fiction releases.

Though there are some styles of releases we are looking to explore:
-We are looking for two artists who would like to do a split novella (as in how a record company does a split EP) where two authors write short novels and we pair them into a single release.
-A release in the style of Illustrated Classics
-A multi-author collection of pulp-fiction styled stories
-Mixed media releases

NBN: What can writers expect when they submit to Domesticated Primate?
NICK: Every submission will be read, and if we want to publish it we will work with the author to edit the piece at no cost. One important thing to consider when submitting, is that we won’t make any final decisions about publishing until that first draft is complete or unless we make a specific arrangement.

More than anything, we want to keep an open relationship and bounce ideas back and forth, including things like the cover art and in-story illustrations/graphics. The idea is to work together with the artists to create the best possible version that a piece can become.

NBN: What are your long-term goals for the publishing venture?
NICK: To produce interesting pieces by highly creative artists. The goal is sustainability. We just want to make enough money to cover printing/typesetting/artistic costs, and let the ball keep rolling to see what kinds of cool stuff we can produce.

We are trying to keep the price point for our books at $7, as in every book no matter the length costs the same. For books that have photo paper or anything hardcover, this will be a different story as those printing costs are significantly higher, but for the time being, every Domesticated Primate paperback costs only $7 American smackeroos!

NBN: Do you plan to offer any digital-reading or selling services?
NICK: E-books are available now, though they aren’t our priority. I’m considering including an e-book purchase with every physical copy (made accessible when a purchaser sends us an e-mail), and potentially automating that (once our technology is totally up to snuff). But for now, it is request-based only, and the cost for a piece remains the same – whether it’s an e-book or a physical copy.


We are currently looking for submissions.
Authors local to Southcoast, MA will receive first priority. As of right now, we are primarily looking for:
Fiction: SHORT NOVEL: 35k-50k words max.
Non-Fiction: MEMOIR-STYLE: 35k-50k words max.
Though, other formats will be considered upon submission.

Due in time for the October New Bedford Book Festival at Groundworks on October 15th, Domesticated Primate will have published and available for purchase:

>a long form poem (100+ pages)
>a single-author collection of stream-of-consciousness poetry
>a single-author collection of imagery-heavy poetry and pulp fiction
>a single-author collection of short stories, poetry, and lectures
>a novella in the post-modern style about a collection of people at a holiday party
>a short novel in the style of a Western
>a 1 act play with art & photos by NB artists
>a long form theoretical piece centering around found sound, audio sampling & looping (potentially with a listenable audio component)

We want to hear from you!
You can reach Domesticated Primate at our website:; through Facebook:; or through Nick directly:

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